Computer Hacking

Computer hacking has evolved over the years from being a game to a danger, however I believe that these are intelligent people really just trying to entertain themselves. However there is the “one” hacker out there that ruins things for everyone. They make one false move and give hackers a bad name. For me I am just trying to improve my surfing skills and hackers are just trying to improve there computer skills. These are our different hobbies in life.



To this day I mainly use the Internet to keep in touch with all my friends it is much easier to arrange things with Friends using Facebook and e-mail. I also use it for quick reference for news, weather, and research outside of school.

First Internet Experience

I would say, the first time I went on the Internet was maybe 1997, I signed up for my first hotmail account and used AOL on-line to chat with  friends I had met on vacation. They were from all over the US and internationally and it made it easier and cheaper to chat to them.   So overall it was a good first experience, I still  keep in touch with my good frined from South Africa because of the ease of the internet.                                                               


Kelly Slater

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